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REAL Personal Power Impacts All Success

Why REAL Personal Power is the key to your personal, business, and relationship success and how you can connect to it right now


REAL Personal Power (RPP) is not something you go get. REAL Personal Power is already there within. It is something that you consciously connect with and then ‘align, attune, and allow’ it to flow, which fuels your daily life at home and work. This way of living impacts ALL success in your life. I call this triple AAA access to your Core Self, which is the essence of who you really are (and who you really be) as a human being in the world.

The word REAL is also an acronym for Rich Evolving Alive Living. There are several distinctions and qualities here to consider in that mnemonic:

Rich – overflowing with an abundance of energy cohesion, harmony, and congruence

Evolving – we are constantly evolving in the expression of our life force energy

Alive – vibrancy is a spectrum of our natural state when unencumbered and untethered from life’s conditioning and stresses.

Living – We are Source Energy in the form of life living through us.  Living means flowing in alignment with your personal core truth. As individuals we each have a unique truth to our essence, which we are born to bring to this planet. This co-creates the harmonious whole of us. We can easily learn to connect to this core truth,  and live in ways that emanate the internal space that you call ‘you‘ at your core.

Now let’s look at the word personal and it’s relationship to the word power. Personal, in this context, means that it belongs to you. It’s yours in the sense that you have access to it, like the key to your front door that you unlock. A visual for this idea could actually be a house or whatever place you can imagine that works for you that you can call home. It will have a feeling state of just that, like going home and the good feeling state that brings.

Go Home To You

Going home to you, means being who you really are at your core, when connected to your core. Your core essence is never not there it is always simply a matter of you connecting to it and flowing from it by bringing your attention to it.

The word power can be viewed as the capability of doing or accomplishing something. When we have the capacity to be able to access our core power, we experience the natural fuel of our creativity which allows us to accomplish something with relative ease while also experiencing health and feelings of well being at the same time.

Children run off natural fuel all the time but as we grow older, with all the stresses of an adult busy life, our natural fuel eventually gets replaced by adrenaline. When this happens we are running off unnatural power, which allows us to get things done but it feels more of an effort, like we are pushing the river, which drains our energy and eventually impacts our health in negative ways.

Your Own Natural Fuel

When you are connected to your core essence, your body naturally returns to running off the natural fuel of your REAL Personal Power. You feel, and look, more vital, vibrant and alive (and it feels great)! You can always recognize someone who is not connected to their core, and therefore not flowing their personal power. The eyes will be dull and flat. Often the facial skin is not vibrant and is drained of color. These are some indicators of how connected you are. Think about people you have seen who emanate a healthy vibrancy, rather than an adrenaline rush: they’re the ones who are plugged in, and connected to, their core essence and as a result they are running on their REAL Personal Power.

When you get more in alignment with who you really are, you also become clearer about what you really want (that is calling you), and why you were born for these times on earth.  This results in greater self-confidence, and people love being around people who are self-confident! People are never threatened by REAL Personal Power because it is so pure, natural, real and contagiously life-giving.

Unconscious Resistance

You may have heard the saying “what we resist persists“. When we lack connection to our core, we may be experiencing unconscious resistance to that ‘sweet spot’ that can become our virtual blind spot. This is why it is beneficial to have the support of others in our lives who can point out blind spots that we can’t see for ourselves.

As an experienced professional coach what I want for you, is for you to tap into  the high potency energy of your REAL Personal Power and flow this energy out into the world. This will have a profound, contagious and far-reaching effect on those around you, which can cut through all kinds of social and cultural barriers.

Lift the Constraints of Familial and Societal Conditioning

When you start connecting to and living from your own unique personal truth it  begins lifting the constraints of earlier familial, societal, and educational conditioning. Early conditioning leads to conformity, which restricts the flow of your authentic self. This disrupts the spontaneous flow of your natural fuel, blocks creativity, and diminishes your energy-rich well being.

When your are connected to your core, you resonate to a unique personal note, vibration or tone. The more you align with it, the more you begin living in harmony and balance at home and work. However, sometimes as you come closer to that balance point, whatever is not in balance in your life will come bubbling up to the surface. Initially it can feel like a juggling act to stay in balance, but this gets easier as you align more with the natural fuel of your REAL Personal Power.

How To Quickly Access Your REAL Personal Power

REAL Personal Power is naturally rejuvenating, regenerating and vibrant. That is an awesome bi-product of running off your own natural fuel! One of the quickest  ways to access RPP (your new fuel of choice), is to consciously bring your attention to your breath. Breathe with the awareness that you are accessing an unlimited flow of pure vibrant oxygenated juice (life force energy), which is entering and misting your environment with every inhale and exhale of your REAL Personal Power.

Your path to success may be easier than you think. Simple, authentic, small inner-cohesive steps will attune, align and allow the harmonious flow of your natural fuel, aligning you with your REAL Personal Power and unlocking your natural creativity. This will naturally tweak the course of your awesome life, bringing your success to fruition. Live your life in fulfillment with the REAL you for the benefit of all of us!

Living REAL Personal Power,


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